Affordable, Honest and Simple. Passenger’s Pricing System.

November 28, 2018

Tired of expensive train tickets or taxi fares? Passenger’s prices are reliable. You can travel short or long distances with Passenger, always comfortably and safely, to an affordable price.

Always know the price in advance

Unlike hauling a taxi from the street and watching the taximeter tick as you travel, with Passenger you always know how much a trip costs before accepting it. You never have to anxiously anticipate the cost of your trip and be shocked when the price was higher than expected. Passenger will always tell you how much your trip will cost beforehand, promising no unpleasant surprises when you get ready to pay.

10 - 40km     35 kr for every 10 km

40 - 100km   15 kr for every 10 km

+100km         2 kr for every 10 km

For instance, travelling from Malmö to Stockholm will never cost more than 330 kr. When travelling less than 10 km, your trip will never cost more than 35 kr.

Because you can always calculate the price yourself, and because Passenger will notify you of the cost of a journey prior to accepting it, you will always know what your trip costs. Passenger loves honesty.

No surge pricing or stuggles with payment

Passenger is also preferable because you don’t have to book a trip way in advance to make sure you travel at an affordable price. Unlike train tickets, with the tendency to increase in price the closer you get to the travelling date, Passenger always costs the same. That way, you can request a long-distance ride for the same day, and it will cost you the same as booking 2 months in advance. Passenger loves spontaneity.

Paying for your trip with Passenger is super easy. Since your bank card is connected to your Passenger account, every time you’re dropped off at your destination, your card is automatically charged. That way you don’t have to care about bringing cash or worrying if you have enough. Passenger loves simplicity.

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