Celebrate New Year's, 2019 and beyond with Passenger

January 14, 2019

2019 is around the corner! No matter when and where you are celebrating this festive season, Passenger will be here for your safe ride home. Below you can read about how you can benefit from using Passenger during upcoming events as we come to a close of 2018.

Carpool this Christmas!

Christmas is the time of year when people travel near and far to find the perfect Christmas present for each other. One may say that It is also the time of year when the percentage level of people experiencing road rage is at its highest. Last year in the UK leading up to the festive break, 1.3 million motorists took to the roads during the last working day before Christmas. Due to the increase in traffic levels this day has been given the name “Frantic Friday”. We believe that a simple and effective method to counter high traffic levels is carpooling, with Passenger. As people choose to carpool, it would indicate less vehicles on the roads thus easing traffic levels and creating a better Christmas experience for everyone on the road.

New Year’s Eve festivities

From Stockholm to Malmö, people around Sweden will count on Passenger to get to and from their New Year’s Eve festivities so they don’t need to get behind the wheel. This is a perfect occasion to carpool to your chosen destination with people heading in the same direction.

Do not wait for the notorious new year resolution to decide to take steps towards a greener lifestyle. Make the decision today to pursue a lifestyle of carpooling and become a part of community positively impacting your surrounding thus contributing to sustainability. Choose sustainability, choose Passenger.

Passenger 2019 and beyond

At Passenger we aim to encourage people to carpool, which in turn paves way for a more cost effective and environmentally friendly choice of transportation. We’ve built the world’s first dynamic real-time combined mobility service making it easy, cost effective and environmentally friendly for people to get where they want to go. Do not wait for 2019 to make the change to a greener lifestyle, start now and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

We look forward to an outstanding 2019 with you!

Drivers urged to avoid frantic Friday Christmas traffic peak

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