Make Money With Time You Thought You Did Not Have

January 14, 2019

With Passenger you can turn lost time into money! Read about how carpooling can lead to an increase in your finances, today!

In today’s society people place great value on the act of being productive. This means that people are seeking more effective ways to perform tasks in order to demonstrate their competences to themselves but also to others. Read below about how you as a driver can efficiently utilize Passenger in order to effectively earn money with time that you thought you did not have.

Turn lost time into a form of income

Passenger is set apart from other mobile carpooling applications due to its stand-alone efficient user experience. Passenger drivers only drive users in the direction they are already heading towards, thus demonstrating a more effective user experience. This is in comparison to other services which require the users to chat with each other to determine where to meet up. With Passenger, everything is automated.

Drivers that incorporate Passenger in their daily commute earn 18,50kr/mile. If one was to carpool during the 5 business days, it would generate at least 20 000kr extra a year. This does not include benefits from Leaf Points gathered, which when reached a certain amount can be redeemed on parking, fuel, car washes and other car related services.

Choose Passenger

When you drive next time, make it a goal to fill your empty seats. Utilize time that you didn’t know you had and earn money instead of wasting your empty seats every time you drive. All while contributing to a more eco-friendly alternative of commute.

Sign up now for the beta and start saving money now! You receive a free car wash upon downloading the app.

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