Never Ride Alone Again. Here's Why

August 27, 2018

You save money, energy and time when carpooling. With Passenger, sharing your ride has never been easier. With just one tap on your phone, you are not only benefiting the environment, but yourself.

There are many benefits to ridesharing. Saving money and time is just a few of them. 

Never waste a minute again 

First and foremost, if everyone shared their ride, traffic wouldn’t be as heavy at rush hour since there would be fewer vehicles in use. Naturally, then, your commute wouldn’t take as long, and you would save time. This is beneficial for both the rider and the driver as no one wants to waste time in traffic. 

Especially as a rider, you save a lot of time. Imagine never having to wait for a bus or taxi again, that is either late or never show up. Furthermore, you never have to adjust to a timetable again. Passenger’s urban mobility service is on demand, meaning that when you want to go, you go. 

Make money and save money – together 

You also save money when you rideshare. Travelling with Passenger costs 35 kr/10 km, making it cheaper than some bus and train fares, and definitely cheaper than taxis. 

As a driver, the most obvious benefit to this urban mobility service with Passenger is that you earn money. You are making your commute super valuable as you are earning money on your way to, say, work. As a driver with Passenger you make 18.50 kr/10 km. You can easily compare that to not taking on passengers, where you don’t earn money at all. 

Bonus: Earn Leaf Points

You earn Leaf Points every time you use Passenger. These Leaf Points can be redeemed for free services such as car washes, fuel, parking and tyre changes etc. So not only are you earning money on your commute, you are earning points towards free vouchers valuable for you as a car owner. You automatically earn Leaf Points when you use Passenger as your standard navigator, and these points multiply when you have passengers in your car. Therefore, earning Leaf Points is an incentive to picking up passengers. 

As a rider, you earn Leaf Points every time you travel with Passenger as well, and will automatically save up to free rides. Nothing’s cheaper than free, and with Passenger, every trip is valuable as you are collecting points towards free rides. 

Make your commute valuable

When you open up your car for others, you are making full use of your vehicle. Instead of wasting 4 empty seats every time you travel, you can invite passengers to maximise the capacity of your vehicle. This makes your car purchase an even bigger investment, especially as you are making money by allowing other people to sit in your car. As a bonus, you get to meet new people and enjoy a social commute while helping the environment in the process.

Start carpooling. Register for the Passenger Beta today!

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