Passenger is now an Open Beta, available on the Google Play store.

January 14, 2019

2019 is here and we are excited to announce that Passenger is now in open beta. Available at the Google Play store, download the app to be one of the first users to experience what we have been working on during the past year.

Passenger 2019 and beyond

2019 is now here and we at Passenger are proud to present that the Passenger app is now be available to all users on the Google play store. This has been a while coming and we are very excited for you to download Passenger and be able to commute more sustainably.

At Passenger we have spent a good part of the year fine tuning the Beta experience for users, such as enhanced performance along with development of new features. Up to now we have had a closed Beta which was user invite only, allowing selected users access to Passenger. Having transitioned from a closed Beta to an Open Beta, we want to give users the ability to download, test the app and provide feedback when found necessary.

With Passenger, we have always had the goal to make carpooling an easy and accessible method of transportation, but also to encourage and enable more sustainable transportation through real-time carpooling. We look forward to seeing you adopt Passenger into your daily life, as you carpool to and from work, on road trips or simply drive between daily errands.

Download the Passenger Beta today on the Google play store and supercharge your commute!

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