Reasons to Start a Car-pooling Culture at the Work Place

November 28, 2018

Save time everyday by intergrating car-pooling into your work culture, all while reaping the benefits gained from it.

As the morning approaches traffic causes the roads to fill up as people commute to work. Forward thinking companies are realising the benefits gained from encouraging their employees to carpool together. Keep reading to learn more about these benefits, ranging from how carpooling can improve work culture and sustainability and to it being an effective networking method.  

Network on the go!

It is known that the average time it takes for an individual to get to work is 30 minutes. If you take into consideration the journey home, that is equivalent to an hour of driving per day. Per week this comes to an estimate of 5 hours spent commuting to and from work. 

This implies that if a carpooling culture was present at work, it would give employees an extra five hours per week to bond and network with each other. Which in turn may lead to greater team productivity and overall work satisfaction. One can therefore assume that carpooling is a great way for a company to encourage employee bonding and networking, outside of office hours.  

Encouraging punctuality

As carpooling can be viewed as a social situation, people will be encouraged to be more organised as they prepare to go to work.This may be the case as they not only need to account for their own time but now need to make sure not to let others down by arriving late, as they are now accountable for other people’s time. Assuming that all goes well, employees that carpool together will arrive at the same given time, encouraging a more efficient and consistent work culture.

Work culture and sustainability

Nowadays it has become common for people to choose to work for companies that reflect their own personal values. This is especially common for millennials, which today make up a growing percentage of the workforce. Carpooling is a form of commute that places emphasis on the issue of sustainable transportation. This is reassured as it encourages a reduction in transport related pollution and congestion levels.  Through encouraging the use of carpooling in one’s workplace a greater sense of a company’s value concerning sustainability is also created. Furthermore, a company’s economic value is also affected as companies save money on parking, as fewer cars are driven to get to work.

Thus, carpooling is a great way to make your organisation commute greener through social sustainability amongst coworkers.

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