Frequently Asked Questions

Is Passenger free?

Passenger is free to download and free to use. You only need to pay when you ride with Passenger!

Do I use Passenger for short or long distances?

Both! Just state your pickup location and end destination to get matched with a driver making the same journey.

Can I drive one day and ride another?

Yes. Simply download both the rider and driver app to be able to switch mode. You can change as frequently as you like.

What can I spend my Leaf points on?

Together with our partners, we have some sweet offers for you. Not only can you spend your Leaf points on free rides with Passenger, but on parking, and petrol as well to name a few or on various popular gift cards. Keep in mind that deals are subject to your location and may change at any given time.

Is Passenger available for iOS and Android?

At the moment, Passenger is only available for iOS users. We are working hard to launch on Android as well. 

Is there a rating system for both the drivers and passengers?

Yes, both drivers and passengers are rated to ensure that you feel safe and that everyone is always on their best behaviour.


Can anyone become a driver?

Yes, we just need you to verify your drivers license by taking a picture of your driver’s licence when you're signing up and add the details of your vehicle. You also need to add a profile picture that matches the picture in your drivers license.

Is it free to drive with Passenger?

Of course! Passenger is always free for drivers to use.

Can I have room for 1 passenger in my car one day and 4 another day?

Yes, simply state in the app how many passengers you have room for before each journey.

How much longer will it take me to pick up a passenger?

We will never match you with passengers that deviates you more than 10 minutes from your original route unless you have made specific changes to your settings to allow for more deviation.

Can I choose my passengers?

Of course! Passenger will connect you with other people that has an overlapping or similar route to yours. However, if you don’t want to drive a particular passenger, you can always decline the request. Just keep in mind that after declining your first request you wont earn any points until you accept a request.

How long should I wait for my passenger to show up before I can leave?

As your passenger is constantly getting notifications of your whereabouts, they should be waiting for you at the pickup location when you arrive. However as soon as you arrive to the pickup location a countdown is initiated, and the passenger needs to be ready within 90 seconds. After 90 seconds you can press the no-show button in the app and can leave without picking up the passenger while still receiving payment for the ride.

Can I chat with my passengers to let them know I’m on my way?

No, this is all taken care of by Passenger! You will be able to completely focus on driving and we will inform your passengers when you are nearby.

How much money do I make?

You earn up to 18.50 kr for every Swedish mile/10km when you have passengers in your car. The money will automatically be collected to your in-app wallet and can be transferred to your account whenever you like.

Do I need to pay tax on what I earn from being a driver with Passenger?

No, that is the beauty of Passenger, no hassle, no fuss and no taxes! But be advised that income earned from use of this application may be taxable income in your country (if other than Sweden) and that special rules may apply if you commute to work and receive a tax deduction. Any potential needed tax declarations is the responsibility of the user. Passenger does not carry any responsibility in the regard as the transaction is between the concerned individuals.

How do I earn Leaf points?

You automatically earn points when you use Passenger as your everyday navigator: you earn 10 Leaf point for every kilometer driven using Passenger. Additionally, your per km Leaf points will be multiplied for every passenger you pick up, hence with 1 passenger in your car you will be earning 20 Leaf points per km, and with 2 passengers in your car you earn 40 Leaf points per km.

Keep in mind that you can only earn a maximum of 200 points per drive without picking up a Passenger and that your points resets if you don't drive with the app once a week.

How do I redeem my Leaf points?

Your Leaf points are stored in the Passenger app. There you can see how many points you have and what you can spend them on. You also redeem the points for the service you want in the app and need to show your voucher to the cashier when redeeming your service. 


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Secured protocol

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Is it safe to ride with Passenger?

Your safety is of great importance to us. That’s why we verify all our drivers with personal number, drivers license and a matching picture.

How do I know when my driver is on his/her way?

Once we’ve matched you with a driver, you can always track their whereabouts on the map on the Passenger app and you will be given their ETA. Furthermore, we will send you notifications to make sure that you are ready when your driver is at your location.

My driver did not show up, what do I do?

A driver can cancel the trip if it's done before 5 minutes is left to pickup and in the case of emergencies. If the driver did not cancel the trip and still did not show up, make sure to report this to our support staff and we will take the appropriate steps.

Can I rate my driver and the other passengers in the car?

Yes, you can easily rate the driver and the other passengers in the car riding with you, and add special comments should you want to.

What happens if Passenger cannot provide a driver for me?

We’re always trying our best to get you to your destination. If you can't find a driver on a given day, try scheduling your trips in advance in the future to be able to get better matches and to have a better overview of your commute.

How much does it cost to ride with Passenger?

It costs only up to 35kr per Swedish mile/10km to ride with Passenger! Your card will automatically be charged after you’ve been dropped off. For longer distance trips the price is discounted, you can see how much your trip would cost when you are creating a ride request.

What are my payment options?

When you sign up with Passenger you provide your card details. That way, Passenger will automatically take care of the payment for you by charging your card after the ride. For everyone’s safety, payment using cash is not possible with Passenger.

Can I bring a friend on my Passenger trip?

Yes, just change the number of people you are requesting a ride for in the app. The driver is allowed to refuse the trip upon arrival if the number of people in the group exceeds the number of people in the ride request made through Passenger.

I was very unhappy with my driver and want to make a complaint. Who do I contact?

Please get in touch with our support at info(at) and we will do our best to help you.