Commute comfortably
to the office

Tired of overcrowded buses and trains? Carpool with Passenger for 35 kr per mile and get a ride within minutes

Ride whenever you like

Commute comfortably and greener when carpooling with Passenger, you're just one tap away!

Save money

Carpool for 35 SEK per mile with Passenger, no hidden costs or fees, you also get your first trip free of charge.

Earn points

Every time you carpool with Passenger earns you points that can be redeemed towards your next free ride, you can also invite your friends or colleagues to collect free rides.

How Passenger works

Create ride

Open the app and tell us where you want to go. Click on create ride to get matched with a driver.

Pick up

After finding you a driver you will then see the drivers name, picture, car model, license plate and estimated time until pickup. You will also receive push notifications from Passenger when your driver is getting closer to your pickup location.

Enjoy the ride

Lean back and enjoy your ride! When you arrive to your destination your card will automatically be charged for the ride. No cash, no hassle. Feel free to tell us about your experience with Passenger when you rate your driver.

Your safety is important

Your safety is our priority, which is why we have developed Passenger with your security in mind so you can be able to feel safe when carpooling with Passenger.

ID verification

You can feel at ease when riding with Passenger. All of our drivers need to verify their drivers license and personal number before being able to carpool using the app.

Facial recognition

Our drivers need to verify their identity every time they want to use the app. By using facial recognition we are able to confirm that the picture in the drivers license match the picture of the driver that will be using Passenger.


Our drivers need to uphold certain standards to be able to carpool using Passenger. By utilising our rating system and your reviews we make sure that only drivers with a minimum rating of four out of five can use Passenger.

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